Oslo opera house ACM/IEEE 13th International Conference on Model Driven
                Engineering Languages and Systems;
                Oslo, Norway; October 3-8, 2010 ACM IEEE

Ifi University of Oslo

esito The Research Council of Norway

Detailed Conference Program

Wednesday, October 6

8:30 Registration
9:00 Halls B&C: Opening
9:15 Halls B&C: Keynote Ole Lehrmann Madsen: A Unified Approach to Modeling and Programming (chair: M Dæhlen)
10:30 Coffee Break
Auditoriet: 1a. Genericity and Generalization (chair: B Rumpe) Hall B: 1b. Model Migration and Incremental Manipulation (chair: H Hussmann) Hall C: 1c. Modeling Model Transformations (chair: B Beaudry)
De Lara, Guerra: Generic Meta-Modelling with Concepts, Templates and Mixin Layers (Foundations) Rose, Herrmannsdoerfer, Williams, Kolovos, Garcés, Paige, Polack: A Comparison of Model Migration Tools (Foundations) Barroca, Lucio, Amaral: A Technique for Automatic Validation of Model Transformations (Foundations)
Kühne: An Observer-Based Notion of Model Inheritance (Foundations) Bergmann, Horváth, Ráth, Varró, Balogh, Balogh, Ökrös: Incremental Evaluation of Model Queries over EMF Models (Foundations) Biermann, Jurack, Krause, Arendt, Taentzer: Henshin: Advanced Concepts and Tools for In-Place EMF Model Transformations (Foundations)
Saxena, Karsai: MDE-based approach for Generalizing Design Space Exploration (Foundations) Beaudoux, Barais, Jézéquel, Blouin: Active Operations on Collections (Foundations) Guerra, De Lara, Kolovos, Paige, Dos Santos: transML: A Family of Languages to Model Model Transformations (Foundations)
12:30 Lunch
Auditoriet: 2a. Verifying Consistency and Conformance (chair: L Briand) Hall B: 2b. Taming Modeling Complexity (chair: D Amyot) Hall C: 2c. Modeling User-System Interaction (chair: S Gerard)
Schwarzl, Peischl: Static and Dynamic Consistency Analysis of UML State Chart Models (Foundations) Fuhrmann, Hanxleden: Taming Graphical Modeling (Foundations) Ambroziewicz, Smialek: Application Logic Patterns―Reusable Elements of User-System Interaction (Foundations)
Ab Rahim, Whittle: Verifying Semantic Conformance of State Machine-to-Java Code Generators (Foundations) Kolovos, Rose, Abid, Paige, Polack, Botterweck: Taming EMF and GMF Using Model Transformation (Foundations) Cruz, Faria: A Metamodel-based Approach For Automatic User Interface Generation (Foundations)
Wang, Xiong, Hu, Zhao, Zhang, Mei: A Dynamic-Priority based Approach to Fixing Inconsistent Feature Models (Foundations) Mäder, Cleland-Huang: A Visual Traceability Modeling Language (Foundations) Schramm, Preußner, Heinrich, Vogel: Rapid UI Development for Enterprise Applications: Combining Manual and Model-Driven Techniques (Applications)
15:30 Coffee Break

Auditoriet: 3a. Model-Driven Quality Assurance (chair: R Breu) Hall B: 3b. Managing Variability (chair: R France) Hall C: 3c. Multi-Modeling Approaches (chair: J Whittle)
Iqbal, Arcuri, Briand: Environment Modeling with UML/MARTE to Support Black-Box System Testing for Real-Time Embedded Systems: Methodology and Industrial Case Studies (Foundations) Groenniger, Rumpe, Reiss: Towards a Semantics of Activity Diagrams with Semantic Variation Points (Foundations) Guerra, De Lara, Kolovos, Paige: Inter-Modelling: from Theory to Practice (Foundations)
Costa, Silva, Garcia, Lucena: Improving Test Models for Large Scale Industrial Systems: An Inquisitive Study (Applications) Shiraishi: An AADL-Based Approach to Variability Modeling of Automotive Control Systems (Foundations) Noyrit, Gérard, Terrier, Selic: Consistent Modeling Using Multiple UML Profiles (Foundations)
Goldsby, Cheng: Automatically Discovering Properties that Specify the Latent Behavior of UML Models (Foundations) Wilke, Thiele, Wende: Extending Variability for OCL Interpretation (Applications) Pardillo: A Systematic Review on the Definition of UML Profiles (Applications)
18:30 Social Program: City Hall Reception

Thursday, October 7

9:00 Halls B&C: Opening
9:15 Halls B&C: Keynote Pamela Zave: Modeling the Internet (chair: R Paige)
10:30 Coffee Break
Auditoriet: 4a. Distributed/Embedded Software Development (chair: A Schürr) Hall B: 4b. (De)Composition and Refactoring (chair: G Taentzer) Hall C: 4c. Model Changes (chair: R Paige)
Riche, Vin, Batory: Transformation-Based Parallelization of Request-Processing Applications (Foundations) Johannes, Aßmann: Concern-based (de)composition of Model-Driven Software Development Processes (Foundations) Gerth, Küster, Luckey, Engels: Precise Detection of Conflicting Change Operations using Process Model Terms (Foundations)
Grossmann, Schrefl, Stumptner: Design for Service Compatibility in a Meta Modelling Tool (Foundations) Morin, Klein, Kienzle, Jézéquel: Flexible Model Element Introduction Policies for Aspect-Oriented Modeling (Foundations) Könemann: Capturing the Intention of Model Changes (Foundations)
Voelter: Embedded Software Development with Projectional Language Workbenches (Applications) Reimann, Seifert, Aßmann: Role-based Generic Model Refactoring (Foundations) Groher, Egyed: Selective and Consistent Undoing of Model Changes (Foundations)
12:30 Lunch
Auditoriet: 5a. (Meta)Models at Runtime (chair: F Fleury) Hall B: 5b. Requirements Engineering (chair: H Miyazaki) Hall C: 5c. Slicing and Model Transformations (chair: D Varo)
Denker, Ressia, Greevy, Nierstrasz: Modeling Features at Runtime (Foundations) Mendez Fernandez, Penzenstadler, Kuhrmann, Broy: A Meta Model for Artefact-Orientation: Fundamentals and Lessons Learned in Requirements Engineering (Foundations) Lano, Kolahdouz-Rahimi: Slicing of UML Models using Model Transformations (Foundations)
Berger, Grossmann, Stumptner, Schrefl: Metamodel-Based Information Integration at Industrial Scale (Applications) Esmaeilsabzali, Day, Atlee: A Common Framework for Synchronization in Requirements Modelling Languages (Foundations) Rahmani, Oberle, Dahms: An Adjustable Transformation from OWL to Ecore (Foundations)
Song, Huang, Xiong, Chauvel, Sun, Mei: Inferring Meta-Models for Runtime System Data from the Client Code of Management APIs (Foundations) Loniewski, Insfran, Abrahao: A Systematic Review of the Use of Requirements Engineering Techniques in Model-Driven Development (Foundations) Van Gorp, Eshuis: Transforming Process Models: Executable Rewrite Rules Versus a Formalized Java Program (Applications)
15:30 Coffee Break

Halls B&C: Panel  Models―DOs and DON'Ts  with Alexander Egyed (Johannes Kepler University, Austria), Jörg Kienzle (McGill University, Canada), Richard Paige (University of York, UK), Bernhard Schätz (fortiss GmbH/TU München, Germany), Friedrich Steimann (Fernuniversität in Hagen, Germany) and Jon Whittle (Lancaster University, UK); moderator is Thomas Kühne (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand).
20:00 Social Program: Banquet

Friday, October 8

9:00 Halls B&C: Opening
9:15 Halls B&C: Keynote Edward A Lee: Disciplined Heterogeneous Modeling (chair: D Petriu)
10:30 Coffee Break

Auditoriet: 6a. Incorporating Quality Concerns in MDD (chair: A Moreira) Hall B: 6b. Model-Driven Engineering in Practice (chair: N Rouquette) Hall C: 6c. Modeling Architecture (chair: B Schatz)
Insfran, González, Abrahao: Design Guidelines for the Development of Quality-Driven Model Transformations (Foundations) Kulkarni, Reddy, Rajbhoj: Scaling Up Model Driven Engineering―Experience and Lessons Learnt (Applications) Bagheri, Sullivan: Monarch: Model-based Development of Software Architectures (Foundations)
Almeida, Bendraou, Blanc, Gervais: Early Deviation Detection in Modeling activities of MDE Processes (Foundations) Lussenburg, Storm, Vinju, Warmer: Mod4J: A Qualitative Case Study of Model-Driven Software Development (Applications) Kainz, Buckl, Sommer, Knoll: Model-to-Metamodel-Transformation for the Development of Component-Based Systems (Foundations)
Almeida, Mougenot, Bendraou, Robin, Blanc: Artifact or Process Guidance, an Empirical Study (Foundations) Rodríguez-Priego, García-Izquierdo, Rubio: Modeling Issues: A Survival Guide for a Non-Expert Modelery (Applications) Pareto, Eriksson, Ehnebom: Architectural Descriptions as Boundary Objects in System and Design Work (Applications)

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  • January 24, 2011
    The conference proceedings are now available online as Springer LNCS 6394 and 6395.
  • October 20, 2010
    If you were unable to attend, the three keynote presentations are now available.
  • October 13, 2010
    You can now admire the photographs taken during the conference.

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